Lead Management / Internet

Higher Accountability Level - Higher Level of Accomplishment

Votenza supports your dealership processes, whatever they may be, with automatic alerts and prompts and automatic follow up for days, weeks, months and even years, if desired.  Whether you subscribe to our or another consultant’s “Best Practices” Votenza can and will support your dealership’s processes.  And if it’s not having the desired result for your dealership, we’ll change it and change it quickly.

  • Can you answer leads from your mobile device?
  • Does all communication from your mobile device stay within your CRM?
  • Can you STOP the clock from your mobile device by sending email or calling?
  • Can you send a DIFFERENT auto-responder for every provider?
  • Can you send auto-responders for some and not other lead providers?
  • Can you set follow-up tasks that are DIFFERENT for each provider?
  • Can you send an AUTOMATIC alert to others when a lead is NOT answered?
  • Do you know which lead providers are your BEST producers?
  • Do you know how long it took your salesperson to simply open the lead?
  • And then how long it too, for your salesperson to contact your customer?
  • Can you tell how long your lead has gone unanswered?
  • Does your current tool look into manufacturer disposition errors on your behalf?
  • Do you have templates and styles sheets for a faster, more professional email?
  • Do salespeople get a mobile alert the instant their customer opens their email?
  • Do you know if an appointment has been set for your internet customer?
  • Do you know if your customers showed up and if they bought?
  • Do your Parts & Service personnel have their own screen for handling leads?

 It’s About the Company You Keep.