Service & Service Retention

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Dealership managers pull their hair out trying to determine which vendors are communicating with their customers, which ones they should keep and which to stop using. If you desire, VotenzaCRM lets your managers, service advisors, sales reps and BDC’s know when a customer is due for service for contact purposes and which ones actually have a service appointment scheduled for “personal visit” at the time of service.

  • Does your process ensure First Service is logged in your DMS?
  • Would an electronic “Word Track” help your people with their reminder calls?
  • Does your current reminder email have an electronic “Confirmation” feature?
  • Do you contact your customer to show up for that First Service?
  • Is an automatic service reminder employed at your dealership?
  • Is your sales rep alerted for their customer’s service appointments?
  • Do you know if your customer showed up?
  • Do you have a process if she didn’t show? What is it?
  • Do you know your “very best” customers and when you need to contact them?
  • Does your service reminder message change based on “better offers”?
  • Do you have a process to acquire email addresses in service?  What is it?
  • Do you know if you’re getting better or worse collecting email addresses?
  • Do your customers get “thanked for their business” when they close a RO?
  • Do you survey your customers to learn how they feel about your dealership?
  • Do you send Service Coupons automatically?
  • Do you take advantage of opportunistic marketing?


Nissan & Infiniti Dealers – Retention 1

Many marketing firms are able to send dealership service marketing and reminders but if you’re a Nissan or Infiniti dealer, you have additional challenges with op codes and descriptions “counting” as “qualified” repair orders.  VotenzaCRM specialists can and have fixed the problems that are preventing you from gaining the maximum Owner First or TOE funds.  Additionally, Retention1 automatically contacts your “In Market” customer.  Some marketing firms don’t even know what this group is and know even less about how to find them for marketing purposes.

In addition, Retention1 customers receive online communications (also available by email) defining EXACTLY which customers are the most important to contact in order to maximize owner retention bonus funds.