Votenza Sales and Service Marketing Solutions provide a powerful “Database slice and dice” solution with the added benefit of seasoned account managers with years of automotive experience determining the best message to reach your customers at the best time they need to receive it.

Votenza maintains a full-time advertising production staff ensuring high quality creative and ad productions that ensure hard-hitting, meaningful ads you can be proud to send to your friends and customers.

  • Do you regularly advertise to the “easiest” 40% percent of your business? 
  • Do you target customers at the “Right Time” with the “Right” message?
  • Is your Service message offer designed to maintain gross?
  • Are your ads professionally produced? 
  • Does the creative grab your attention?
  • Does it get in your customers inbox? 
  • Does it get opened? How do you know?
  • Do you know if they clicked any of your specials links? 
  • Do you reach all the “Right” customers, even if they don’t have an email?
  • Do you know if they showed up, spent money with you and how much? 
  • Do you know if email or postal mail works better for your dealership? 

Votenza does it all for you; Creative, Production, Target Selection, Execution, Measurement, Post Analysis.  

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