Big Investment - Facilities, Inventory, Advertising and People.

At the end of the day you want to know your dealership processes are handled the way you approved them in the first place. You want to enjoy the confidence that comes with having a CRM system that manages your expectations and provides reports that not only help manage what has happened in the past but also “actionable” reports which help manage FUTURE activities.


  • Lead Management Performance
  • Sales Appointment Performance
  • Showroom & Opportunity Performance
  • Sales Forecasts & Performance
  • Lead Source Performance
  • Ad Source Performance
  • Service Appointments & Missed Service Appointments,
  • NNA Hottest Service Appointments
  • NNA Hottest UnRetained Customer
  • NNA Soon to be UnRetained Customer
  • Email Acquisition Performance Sales & Service
  • Email Open Rate / Email Opt Out Rate
  • Customer Click-Through to Dealership Links
  • Advertising Promotion Results.
  • Sales Department Performance Reports for Previous Day, MTD and YTD?


  VotenzaCRM Measures Your Processes!  

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