Behind the scenes. In front of the whole world.

CSI measures dealership customer satisfaction, one customer at a time. Online Reputation measures customer satisfaction, or dissatisfaction — to the entire world and sometimes in BIG numbers.

Remember the early days of CSI? Free Tanks of Gas, Coaching Threats from the Factories, bonus cash for all “10’s” and “Completely Satisfied”? We all intuitively know that customer satisfaction is accomplished when your customer honors you with another purchase. Simply put, did they give you their money again? You can learn your customers “temperature” much quicker if you send a simple, automatic, survey to both your Sales and Service customers. Then, act decisively on negative survey returns.

Manufacturer CSI survey results aren’t in the public domain. However… your reviews on Google are and can help or hurt your sales & service traffic. Get a quick feel for what they think of you by checking your dealership out on Google. Simply insert your Dealership Name, Name of Your City and lastly, the word “Review”). Check out how many “stars” you have in your reviews. Check out Google, Yelp, CitySearch, DealerRater and SureCritic. If you have a “gut” feeling you’re not going to like what you find, you’re probably right and need to do something about it. Not sure what to do? Call Votenza Today.


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