CRM – Showroom

PowerDesk™ – Votenza’s real-time, Electronic Desk Log that manages Yesterday’s, Today’s and Tomorrow’s traffic with one touch point.  Adding and managing showroom traffic has never been easier nor have your salespeople and managers been more accountable than right now with VotenzaCRM.

Votenza’s QuickUp+ Mobile app allows your salespeople to easily enter their next up into Votenza, even BEFORE they meet and greet them on your lot.

TO Panic, a Votenza exclusive feature on the QuickUp+ mobile app that enables your salespeople to seek immediate help from management when they have a “difficult” customer on the lot they cant get in the store.

PowerDesk™ then automatically “Alerts” your managers when your customer has been with your salesperson too long without management intervention.

  • Do your Managers have easy access to “monitor” Sales Rep work plans?
  • Are you sure every “UP” is logged, even if they just want a brochure?
  • Do you know about every Sales Appointment scheduled today?
  • Do you know if those appointments have been confirmed? By whom?
  • Do you know exactly when your appointment fails to arrive on time?
  • Can you quickly and easily determine “at-a-glance” if your salesperson logged all customer info?
    – Accurate address? (Verified by the US Postal Service within 15 minutes)

    – Email address?
    – Phone numbers?
    – Recorded an Ad Source? )
    – Had a driver’s license scan?
    – Landed on a specific vehicle?
    – Had a trade? Two Trades?
    – Was the trade appraised? By whom?
    – Got demo’d, written up? TO’d?
    – If the phone call was recorded.
  • Can you tell if your customer bought from you previously?
  • How much they spent in Sales and Service for all their vehicles?
  • Do you know “If” and “How Much” other “Household” members spent with you?
  • Can you print forms and forms packages?
  • Did you present multiple retail and lease payment options? Easily?
  • Can you easily know if data was pushed to a Desking Tool, Appraisal Tool, Call Tool, DealerTrack™?
  • Did your customer actually take delivery, and when?
  • Do you know why your manager didn’t sell your customer today?
  • Do you know your Manager’s next step?
  • Do you know if your manager thinks your customer is a “Hot Prospect”?
  • Do you know why you lost your customer?
  • Do you rely on your reps to choose follow up or prefer it done professionally?
  • Do your salespeople have easy to accomplish Showroom, Internet, Phone tasks?
  • Do and your managers have a single, online report that indicates if they did or didn’t do their tasks?
  • Do you have a daily, online Sales Rep Production report for; Yesterday, MTD and YTD?
  • Can THAT and other reports be automatically emailed to you Daily, Weekly, Monthly?

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